the surprising announcement of CAF after the suspension of 2 African countries

Suspended by FIFA, Kenya and Zimbabwe are under threat of exclusion from the CAN 2023 qualifiers, announced the Confederation of African Football.

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A few months ago, at a press conference, FIFA President Gianni Infantino spoke about this suspension.

« We had to suspend two of our members; Kenya and Zimbabwe, both for government interference in the activities of football associations. The associations are suspended with immediate effect”, launched Gianni Infantino.

But for the draw for the qualifiers for the African Cup of Nations Cote d’Ivoire 2023, the Confederation of African Football (CAF) took a stand and decided to give Zimbabwe and Kenya a chance.

Indeed, the governing body of African football has decided to include these two countries in the draw, despite their suspension by FIFA, while waiting to see if the governing body of world football will change its mind. An unexpected decision, but welcomed.

« Kenya and Zimbabwe, countries suspended by FIFA from all football-related activity, will also be included in the draw despite temporary bans.” assures the Confederation of African Football in a press release published on Monday.

“However, if the suspension is not lifted two weeks before their first day of playoffs, both associations will be deemed losers and eliminated from the competition,” says CAF.

If FIFA does not lift this suspension, Zimbabwe and Kenya will be withdrawn and will therefore leave 3 teams in their pool. « Their groups will then consist of three teams, and the teams that come first and second will qualify for the final tournament.

Given this situation, Kenya and Zimbabwe cannot be drawn in the same group in order to avoid having a group with only two teams in case the suspension of the two associations is still in progress,” adds CAF.

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