The surprise guest of the club of Curry, KD and Harden!

Taking advantage of the circumstances, a very young nugget is exploding before our eyes on the side of the Eastern Conference. And the stats don’t deceive, especially when you join a club made up of some of the best players in the league …

Tyrese Maxey. This is the name. Drafted in 21st position only by the Sixers in 2020, the former Kentucky university does not stop revealing itself and progressing. After showing good things last year, although limited in terms of playing time, the young player « takes advantage » of the record Ben simmons and the forced absence of Joel Embiid to shine. And statistically, it shows.

Tyrese Maxey carves out a place with the elite

Better: in addition to these raw statistics, efficiency is at the rendezvous for Maxey. The tweet below from Statmuse makes it easy to understand why:

Players who shoot over 18 points, 4 assists, 60% TS this season:

Steph Curry
Kevin Durant
James harden
Jimmy butler
Nikola Jokic

Maxey is running at 22/4/5 on 54/47/90 percentages over his last 9 games.

No more doubts: the Sixers have indeed fallen on a nugget, especially as T-Max is only 21 years old and he continues to burn stages at a frantic pace. The icing on the cake ? The guy is beautiful to watch, the proof:

So young but already so strong, Tyrese Maxey mixes his name with that of the very best. Bodes well for whoever should be a star in the league if all goes according to plan!

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