The Super stock-car passing through Beaumont-du-Gâtinais on September 6

The super stock-car club of Beaumont-du-Gâtinais (Seine-et-Marne), a stone’s throw from the Loiret, organizes races, next September 6, on the circuit of the town.

This second edition of the year will be the opportunity to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the association and to pay tribute to Jean Bardinithe club’s founder who died last January.

Jean Bardini, in 1980, the year of the creation of the Stock-car club of Gâtinais.

This infernal race made up of clashes, jostling, rolls, takes place every two years, on an oval circuit in agricultural land. Something to delight the thousand spectators and thrill-seekers who are expected this year.


Although the coronavirus has upset the calendar, the legendary event of the town has adapted to new requirements and health rules. « We have planned to distribute masks for free to those who will not have them. in order to limit the transmission of the virus as much as possible », assures Christian Girard, president of the club.

Thirty-eight male pilots from Normandy, the Paris region, Burgundy and of course Loiret will be in the running. car enthusiasts, speed and adrenaline junkies aged 18 and over. Among them, two ex-champions of France and the current vice-champion of France, Romain Girard, will be present.

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The runners will be divided into two groups and will leave for two races each. Two other races will follow with a maximum of 25 drivers, i.e. the first 25. The day will end with the long-awaited final. At the end, the winner will win the Trophy named after Jean Bardini. A wish of the members of Stock-car club du Gâtinais, founded in 1980.

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Cars often end up in a bad state…

On the ground, Nicolas Tessier, member of the association, will not miss a crumb of the event. He has a taste for risk and a competitive spirit. A runner for 17 years, he is impatient. « I still have so much fun. I’ve been attending this race since I was a kid and the fun remains the same. It’s the desire to win that seduces me. »

Practice. At the Beaumont-du-Gâtinais circuit, the races start at 3 p.m. Prices: free for children under 6, €5 for 6-12 year olds and €10 for adults. Information at

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