The successor to the LFA: a purely electric Lexus LFA? – Le Mag Sport Auto

Lexus first presented its all-electric concept at the Goodwood Festival Of Speed.

It is a coupe with the code name All-Electric Sport Concept. This would be intended to give birth to the successor to the brand’s iconic LFA.

The Lexus All-Electric Sport Concept

To introduce us to the Lexus All-Electric Sport Concept, we had Supercar Blondie as our host. This privileged access allows you to take a closer look at the prototype designed by the manufacturer. The first evidence concerns the difference in aesthetics. The LFA adopted more angular lines while the concept is more rounded.

The hood is also longer. That of the prototype could easily accommodate a large V12. This excessiveness could however be explained by the size of the rear of the vehicle. Unlike the LFA which adopts a very high rear end, the concept offers a very low and tapered rear. This is too small to accommodate loads. According to our host, this length could serve as a trunk for luggage.

For the moment, Lexus does not reveal anything of what would be the production version of its prototype. However, the announced estimates suggest a distance of 430 miles (692 km) on a single charge. On the performance side, the manufacturer estimates the 0 to 100 km/h in two seconds. This would be faster than the original LFA, but also faster than other supercars on the market.

A purely electric model

Lexus is preparing to electrify its entire line of cars, including super sports cars. The All-Electric Sport Concept will serve as the basis for the brand’s all-electric supercars in the future. This could completely change the rumors about an LFA successor with a hybrid engine.

The latest rumors about the next Lexus LFA evoked a biturbo hybrid V8 engine from the LC500. The information came from a Japanese report. These included the presence of an ICE engine paired with an electric unit.


The information around the successor to the Lexus LFA seems to intertwine with each other. It remains unclear whether the next version will be 100% electric, hybrid or purely thermal. We are aware, however, that the purely electric model will arrive sooner or later.


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