« The suburbs make La Marseillaise resonate in the land of the Rising Sun »

At a time when identity issues are at the heart of public debate, they are also the best flag bearers of our republican motto « Liberty, Equality, Fraternity » and all have one thing in common: being from Priority Districts of the City, in other words of our suburbs. They grew up alongside sports educators in local clubs who do remarkable work but often with a lack of equipment (for example 8.7 sports equipment per 10,000 inhabitants in Ile-de-France in these neighborhoods against 41.3 in mainland France) and financial resources.

On November 14, with nearly 200 fellow mayors from all political stripes and from municipalities with Priority Quarters of the City, we denounced a republican stall accentuated with the health crisis in a letter addressed to the President of the Republic. Sport was one of the strong axes developed alongside school, culture, local finances, security, employment, integration and even training. The first measures were taken with the Interministerial Council of Cities in January 2021, but much remains to be done. Indeed, sport is a right but it has to be noted that it has unequal access and different means depending on the territory.

Sport has for too long been considered by our rulers as a supplement to the soul and not as a structural element for the development of our youth and its fulfillment. The “Black Blanc Beur” spirit of the victorious 1998 World Cup was not enough to completely irrigate our Priority Districts of the City of sports policies despite the commitment of Marie Georges Buffet whose work was unanimously recognized. The prospect of the 2024 Olympic Games in Paris must be more than ever an opportunity to give sport its full place in education, public health and social cohesion.

In our cities, we contribute, among other things, by experimenting for years with Pass’Sport, Atout Sport / Culture etc, to face the wallet barrier. Families aged 6-15 can thus benefit in our cities from a license price that is more accessible to all.

The Pass’ Sport is now taken over by the President of the Republic and the government, and comes into action at the start of the school year. Once again our territories have shown the way.

Having an ambitious sports policy is to give hope to the young people of our cities, to develop a mass practice and to see the emergence of the great champions of tomorrow. It means preparing for the 2024 Olympic Games with all of our country’s vital forces.

More than ever the National Sports Agency (ANS), the National Agency for Urban Renovation (ANRU) must be alongside our cities to support us in the rehabilitation and creation of sports facilities at the service of the population. of our neighborhoods to strengthen support for sports associations and their wonderful volunteers.

It is a sporting nation that remains to be built and it will pass through the youngest territories such as the suburbs and ultra-marine territories.

Mayors engaged on a daily basis with local actors and the population, we are available to meet and win these challenges. « 

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