The story behind the cliché of Tom Daley knitting at the Tokyo Olympics

In recent days, a photo featuring British athlete Tom Daley has been circulating a lot.  on social networks.

In recent days, a photo in which British athlete Tom Daley appeared has circulated a lot on social networks.

VSIn recent days, a photo featuring British athlete Tom Daley has circulated a lot on social media. An unusual shot, in which we saw him, during a final diving event at the Tokyo Olympics, knitting in the stands. But this photograph, as revealed Paris Match in an article published Tuesday, August 3, is not as light as one might have thought. If the diver who won his first gold medal last week does knitting and crocheting, it is not just a hobby for him: it is a way of mobilizing in the fight against brain cancer.

A struggle that is all the more dear to her since her father died of a brain tumor in 2011. “Since then, I’ve been trying to raise as much money as possible for the Brain Tumor Charity in order to help. looking for a cure. Cancer kills people under the age of 24 the most and we have so much to learn about it, ”said the young man. On his Instagram profile, Tom Daley has provided a link that refers to a crowdfunding, the objective of which is to help the association. To raise funds, he invites his admirers to donate money in exchange for a chance to win one of his knitwear.

« It has always been our dream »

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