The state of the forces of Passion MLB: a new leader

Already more than a month has passed since the start of this campaign. Charles-Alexis and your humble servant have therefore concocted a second state of force for you in 2021. Once again, this is a happy mix between the strength of the various teams and their start to the season. Let’s go!

1 – A’s (2)

After a lazy start to the season, the A’s take pride of place at the top. And it is fully deserved.

2 – Cardinals (16)

It was only a matter of time. The machine is working.

3 – Giants (5)

The Giants seem unbeatable in their castle that is Oracle Park.

4 – Red Sox (3)

For the moment, it holds. Will remain to be seen for how long.

5 – Padres (4)

It’s not perfect, but the Padres now have the same record as the Dodgers in second in the section.

6 – Dodgers (1)

Speaking of the Dodgers, they have the worst streak in the National League right now.

7 – White Sox (13)

What will be the impact of Luis Robert’s injury paired with that of Eloy Jimenez?

8 – Brewers (6)

More difficult this week, but just behind the Cards.

9 – Royals (10)

Young Royals are not slowing down.

10 – Yankees (14)

The old diesel is quietly moving.

11 – Rays (11)

The Rays give a lot of points. This is not a good recipe in Tampa.

12 – Indians (19)

The relief and Shane Bieber keep the Indians out of the water.

13 – Mariners (8)

The traditional descent of the Mariners after April has begun.

14 – Blue Jays (17)

The health of the starting rotation continues to be a problem. However, the young sticks hold the fort.

15 – Astros (22)

Ups, downs, ups, downs. We do not know on which foot to dance.

16 – Diamondbacks (29)

An unexpected return to the race.

17 – Nationals (20)

We expect better, but we seem to be heading in the right direction.

18 – Phillies (25)

Too much nonchalance, both among the players and the coaching staff.

19 – Cubs (21)

It smells like spring cleaning by the transaction deadline.

20 – Braves (15)

Ronald Acuna Jr. is alone in the world until now.

21 – Food (12)

Still no offensive support, and not just for Jacob deGrom.

22 – Reds (7)

Back to normal in Cincinnati.

23 – Orioles (26)

Not an easy team to face at the start of the season.

24 – Rangers (27)

The team’s performance is significantly above expectations.

25 – Angels (9)

We came close to believing it …

26 – Twins (18)

Still no return to the race. The concern begins to be felt.

27 – Marlins (23)

It will be necessary to score more regularly to hope to win its share of matches.

28 – Pirates (24)

Quietly, but certainly towards the shallows, despite a great battle at the start of the campaign.

29 – Rockies (30)

A lot of work for the new interim CEO.

30 – Tigers (28)

We expected it, it’s very difficult to stay the course for these young players.

See you in two weeks!

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