The state of the forces in MLB


The second month of the season began to separate the men from the children.

A glance at the forces present at the end of May.

1- San Diego Padres (34-20)

The big brown machine took a month to get oiled up and May was a very convincing month. They seem to be in the top 3 to stay there.

2- Tampa Bay Rays (34-20)

They had been more or less convincing during the month of April, but their streak of 11 wins in May proved that they will still be one to watch this year, with the emergence of a few youngsters.

3- Oakland A’s (31-24)

The battle for the title of the Western Division will be played two, with the Astros. But the A’s seem to have a head start and are playing some good baseball after a chaotic start to the season.

4- Los Angeles Dodgers (31-22)

After a tough streak earlier this month, the good ol ‘Dodgers are playing some better baseball. And with Cody Bellinger’s healthy return, the Dodgers may be tough to beat.

5- Chicago White Sox (32-20)

After losing the services of Eloy Jimenez, it was Luis Robert’s turn to fall in battle. Despite these two important losses, Tony Larussa’s men dominate the central division and will be hard to catch up.

6- San Francisco Giants (33-20)

The Giants haven’t had a bad May, but the pace for the Padres and Dodgers is tough to keep up. We will have to win the series against our division rivals to stay in the race.

7- Cards of St-Louis (30-23)

Without fanfare, the Cards continue to play good baseball. In such a weak division, they seem to be the better team.

8- Boston Red Sox (32-20)

They are still in a good position, but the lack of depth at the mound is starting to be felt. Can they really hold out in such a competitive division?

9- Houston Astros (28-24)

They’re hard to follow these Astros. Some nights they look like title contenders, while other nights they wouldn’t beat an AAA team. The next month will be pivotal for Dusty Baker’s men.

10- Toronto Blue Jays (27-25)

They impress the young Blue Jays, even if the succession is faltering. And with the arrival of Alek Manoah in the rotation and the imminent return of Georges Springer, the Blue Jays look like a very competitive team.

11- New York Mets (25-20)

In such an intriguing division, the Mets seem to be in good shape. However, the return to health of Noah Syndergaard will wait, since the latter again injured his elbow.

12- Chicago Cubs (29-23)

The Cubs’ relief has a streak of more than 40 innings without giving a point. This explains their rise in the rankings.

13- New York Yankees (29-24)

They are not yet playing at the height of their talent and it is starting to be worrying. And several long-term injuries to key players like Aaron Hicks, Luke Voit and Corey Kluber could really make it difficult for them.

14- Milwaukee Brewers (28-25)

They lack consistency in their game, but the return to the game of Corbin Burnes and Christian Yelich will help enormously. The arrival of Willy Adames in a transaction with the Rays, will not hurt either.

15- Cleveland Indians (28-23)

The Indians hold their own in the central division. However, the injuries to Zach Plesac and Franmil Reyes will greatly affect Terry Francona’s men, both in attack and in the mound.

16- Philadelphia Phillies (25-28)

Bryce Harper was in poor health and is on the injured list. Without him, the Phillies’ offense seems sluggish and the team is treading water.

17- Atlanta Braves (24-26)

They are full of talent, but the performance is very inconsistent. Marcel Ozuna’s finger injury will not help the cause of the East Division favorites. And the latter also risks being suspended for an unacceptable history of domestic violence.

18- Kansas City Royals (25-26)

The return to Earth came a lot faster than expected for the Royals. An 11-game losing streak wiped out a good start to the season.

19- Seattle Mariners (27-27)

They had a bit of the same fate as the Royals, that is to say a good start to the season that distorted the situation. They are struggling to stay above .500 despite the arrival of excellent rookie Jared Kelenic.

20- Miami Marlins (24-28)

The first two months of the season were almost identical for the young Marlins. Honest pitching performance, but an attack that doesn’t do enough.

21- Cincinnati Reds (23-28)

They were given the benefit of the doubt at the start of the season, but everything indicates that they will not be in the game after a difficult month of May.

22- Washington Nationals (21-28)

After a tough first month due to COVID, the Nationals haven’t played great baseball in May either. It makes you wonder if the Nationals will not be sellers, if the month of June is disappointing.

23- Los Angeles Angels (24-29)

Already a difficult start to the season, the calf injury to Mike Trout has virtually ended the Angels’ hopes of making the playoffs.

24- Texas Rangers (22-33)

They are not competitive and that was quite predictable. But the outbreak of Cuban Adolis Garcia is really a balm on an organization in reconstruction.

25- Minnesota Twins (21-31)

Things are not improving for the Twins. Their best player, Byron Buxton, is still injured and the losses continue to pile up at an alarming rate.

26- Detroit Tigers (22-31)

Development continues for young Tigers. Beyond the record, AJ Hinch must ensure that his team progresses.

27- Arizona Diamondbacks (19-35)

Decisions will have to be made soon, because, as expected, the Diamondbacks are treading water and lacking young talent in its subsidiaries. They have just lost 13 of their last 14 games.

28- Pittsburgh Pirates (20-32)

The record will not be good at the end of the season, but we have to give them one thing, the Pirates are never easy prey. But talent often gets the better of perseverance.

29- Baltimore Orioles (17-36)

After a promising start to the season, the Orioles are back to their bad habits and are in the midst of a 13-game losing streak. And they also found a place they knew well, the slums of the East Division.

30- Colorado Rockies (20-34)

Things are going from bad to worse for the Rockies. The defeats accumulate and their best player, Trevor Story, finds himself on the injured list. It smells of great cleaning!


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