The star who wanted to sign in Philly to reconcile Embiid and Simmons


Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons may have a hard time passing the sponge on this hectic summer … In addition, the Sixers do not even have succeeded to afford the services of the only All-Star ready to reconcile the two teammates on the field.

For several seasons now, players seem to have full power in the NBA microcosm. Anthony Davis wanted to leave the Pelicans to join the Lakers? He won his case. James Harden wanted to sign with the Nets to find Kevin Durant? He was traded in the wake … Ben simmons probably thought to pull off his coup by going on strike while waiting for a trade, but his leaders did not give in, and the leader is totally back.

Doc Rivers, who spoke to Simmons twice, does not rule out the leader being present in Detroit. The Sixers play the Pistons for the final preseason game.

An All-Star would have wanted to sign with the Sixers

The question that everyone is asking now concerns the reaction of his teammates, and in particular that ofa Joel Embiid very upset against the Australian for a few weeks … Will this long misunderstanding have an impact on their sporting relationship? No doubt, and an All-Star would have very much liked to join Philadelphia to reconcile the two teammates on the field. Sam Fischer from Bleacher Report recount :

When Philadelphia failed to acquire Kyle Lowry in a draft week trade, it became nearly impossible for him to join the Sixers on free agency. He could have simply joined the franchise as part of a sign-and-trade against Ben Simmons, which he didn’t want since he had the ambition to become the ball carrier who would reconcile Simmons and Embiid on the field. .

Kyle Lowry is still an excellent leader, a very good manager, so he would have seen himself well in the role of sports mediator between Joel Embiid and Ben Simmons! A consistent mission as the two teammates struggle to find each other and to progress over time. A little experience wouldn’t have hurt the Sixers in these troubled times.

In the end, rather than playing the role of big brother in Pennsylvania, Kyle Lowry is going to have the role of Jimmy Butler’s luxury lieutenant in Miami, which is just as exciting on the basketball front. He should regain the top places in the Eastern Conference, and once in the playoffs, anything will be possible with this talented workforce of the Heat.

Without mediator Kyle Lowry, the Sixers will have to regain their cohesion after this hectic summer … A mission that may take a lot of time.


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