The star who almost signed for the Clippers this summer… except for one day!

Launched into a difficult season, because of injuries, the Clippers still save the furniture under the leadership of Tyronn Lue. Things could have been radically different, since a star was close to arriving last summer…within a day. Like what, it does not play much sometimes.

Kawhi Leonard absent for almost the season, Paul George victim of a new major injury: Clippers fans are living through a fairly complicated campaign. The franchise had ambitions to challenge for the title, but none of that happened, blame it on physical glitches. However, not everything is to be thrown away in this exercise.

After all, the record of 34 wins against 33 losses speaks for itself. Despite heavy absences, Tyronn Lue’s men give everything on the floor, enough to inspire other teams. The franchise should finish in 8th place in the West, even if their place for the playoffs is not validated. Whatever happens, fans will be able to thank their players.

The Clippers very close to attracting a third star last summer!

Reggie Jackson excels this season at the lead, but he is not the only one. The Clippers are a real team, and they can’t wait to get back to the stars next year to try to fight for the title. They could have done it this season, if DeMar DeRozan had come. But within a day, the back finally spun towards the Bulls.

This is what the player reveals during a recent discussion alongside Serge Ibaka:

A day earlier, and it would have worked with the Clippers. It was a real possibility. I talked about all this with Paul George, and we looked for a way to make it happen. It’s the truth, no lie.

Unfortunately for the Clippers, the Bulls went through this with a trade. We imagine that the rear does not regret the outcome when we see his season, but we can ask ourselves questions about his potential coming to Los Angeles. He even reveals that he was ready to reduce his salary… if Kyle Lowry was present:

I could have taken a 10/15% drop on my salary if he was there. But at the same time, there would be no more money available if Lowry was with the Clippers.

Yes, some files in the NBA are complex, and it is sometimes played on very slight details. Good for the Bulls, who have recovered a star in form, while the Clippers manage to save the furniture despite everything. Hopefully this roster is healthy.

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