The star that the Warriors would be ready to drop for Rudy Gobert!

The Rudy Gobert track at Golden State is a real possibility, provided the Dubs manage to make an offer that works both financially and athletically. That’s good, the leaders would already have a plan of attack and a particular player would then go the opposite way, towards Utah.

Rudy Gobert and the Jazz is an association that risks coming to an end quickly. The elimination of the French and his teammates in the first round against Dallas will most certainly leave traces, and this implies a possible departure from the pivot. He would have already given an ultimatum to his front office, which is rarely a good sign. After eight years wearing the colors of Salt Lake City, the time has probably come to go for the native of Saint-Quentin.

Given that he is part of the gratin of the league at position 5, the n°27 will not miss offers this summer and five franchises would have the pole position to lure him into their nets. Apart from these, however, another destination also stands out as a possibility: the Warriors. The latter have been looking for a circle protector for years, and the summer of 2022 could well mark the arrival of a major 5 position in San Francisco. It would in any case form a terrifying defensive racket with Draymond Green.

However, given the very large contract of the Olympic vice-champion (170 million over 4 years), we will have to be ingenious to offer an interesting consideration without bleeding the workforce dry. That’s good, the leaders of the Bay have been working on the issue for a while, and one name comes up regularly in the discussion: Andrew Wiggins. The winger could be traded to Utah along with one or two more players, matching Gobzilla’s salary:

Andrew Wiggins sent to Jazz against Rudy Gobert?

The Warriors may consider setting up a trade for Rudy Gobert this offseason, via ESPN. Andrew Wiggins would then be sent to Utah.

With more than 30 million dollars in salary over the next season, the Canadian is an essential piece in a possible deal between the two franchises. In addition to that, he would bring some guarantees on the sporting level, especially in defense where he has become a major element of the Californian squad. That would not displease the Jazz, since it could cover the mistakes of Donovan Mitchell on the wings, the latter not being a thunderbolt in his half of the field.

Offensively, it’s not all bad either since the one who was elected All-Star this season has been very clean on the campaign: 17 points at 46% shooting, including 39% from behind the arc. Last but not least, 2022-23 will be the Timberwolves alum’s last year on contract. The Mormons would then offer themselves the opportunity to have financial flexibility for the years to come, enough to help them recruit major players.

Parting ways with Andrew Wiggins is almost mandatory if the Warriors are to get Rudy Gobert, given his contract. The opportunity for the Maple Jordan to show what it is worth, after having relaunched its career in the Bay of San Francisco.

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