The Stade Toulousain in support of the Blues of football

A France-England, for a rugby player, is always a special moment. The kind of event not to be missed. Even when it comes to football. Stade Toulousain has therefore checked the date and time of the quarter-final of the World Cup which will oppose the two teams to Qatar.

It will be Saturday night at 7 p.m. local time. Because the Rouge et Noir will not be in France but in Limerick, Ireland, where they will face the province of Munster the next day at the opening of the Champions Cup, this new competition which replaces the European Cup by integrating the southern provinces African.

« It’s true that a France-England remains a Clasico for us »

Ugo Mola, manager of Stade Toulousain

“We organized ourselves in terms of timing to give players the possibility, optionally but strongly recommended, to come and see this match, explains manager Ugo Mola. It is true that a France-England remains for us a  »Clasico » in terms of rugby, so we will try to take a look at it. And what will be good is that when we watch the match at Munster, we will have as many supporters on the Irish side as on the French side for the same team. »

Well, have the Irish already forgotten the hand of Thierry Henry who eliminated them in the 2010 World Cup play-offs? One thing is certain, at least one player from the Toulouse workforce will not be for the Blues: English third-line Jack Willis, who arrived at the club as an additional player barely two weeks ago. “He is going to be a little lonely and we intend to leave him alone (smile), observes Mola. But hey, as Jack is fully integrated into the workforce, I’m almost on the verge of thinking that he will support the Blues. Well, those who make the most noise are the Argentinians. They are well on point, because the culture of football is well anchored in them. »

The XV of France as inspiration

Stade Toulousain manager Ugo Mola and his scrum half Antoine Dupont have some advice for Didier Deschamps’ men who can imitate their counterparts from the XV of France who defeated the XV de la Rose last March to offer themselves a Grand Slam 25 to 13:« I’m not a specialist, but the state of mind and desire will be the basis for qualifying, believes scrum-half Antoine Dupont. The Blues know what they have to do, they are experienced. They just have to have confidence in themselves because the English opposite won’t give them any presents. But that, they already know. »

“I will be careful not to give advice to anyone, Mola adds. Except that we are in the presence of an opposition of cultures and that there is nothing worse, in such a case, not to respect our culture and what we are capable of being Well. You just have to play your own rugby or your own football. This is the basis in key moments. »

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