the Stade Lavallois / Red Star match placed under close surveillance

It’s a memorable evening that awaits the supporters of Stade Lavallois Friday evening at the Francis-Le Basser stadium and in downtown Laval. But given the very high attendance, the evening will be placed under close surveillance by the authorities and the police forces will be mobilized.

Because beyond the exceptional influx (the most important of these five years in National), it is the presence of a hundred Red Star supporters which may raise fears of certain overflows. Let’s remember the first leg, at the beginning of January. Just before kick-off, hundreds of tennis balls hit the pitch, delaying kick-off by a few minutes. More seriously, during the match, Laval supporters were attacked in the stands by several individuals. Two Mayenne are seriously affected.

The anger of Red Star supporters

On April 15, during the reception of Sète at the Bauer stadium, incidents occur. At the end of the 1st period, smoke bombs are launched on the lawn. The game is stopped, never resumed. What is the reason for these protest movements? Red Star supporters are angry at the imminent takeover of the Saint-Ouen club by the American investment fund, 777 Partners.

This Red Star match in Laval also represents the last opportunity for Audonian supporters to encourage their team because the last two home matches (and therefore the next against Concarneau) are played behind closed doors.

The main fear of the leaders of the Stade Lavallois and the authorities is the risk of projectiles being thrown on the lawn of Le Basser friday. This could cause the meeting to stop and completely ruin the party planned at Le Basser.

About thirty Laval police officers will be mobilized for this evening around football and the Stade Lavallois.

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