The Sports Trophies distinguished 28 athletes and sports associations from Auray – Auray

At the end of the Associations Forum, which took place on Saturday at the Forest stadium and gymnasium in Auray, 28 sports trophies were awarded by the elected officials. Aloha rescue, Pétanque alréenne and Joseph Le Flohic, alias Clovis, are rewarded with the volunteer trophy.

The distinguished young athletes are Tom and Noah Huberlant, from the Auray Archers as well as Nikita Morvan-Schlumberger from the Alréen Dojo and Anouk Cluzeau from the Pays d’Auray triathlon. Five senior athletes are in the spotlight, namely Virginie Laune d’Auray swimming and four members of the Club intercommunal morbihannais d’athlétisme (Cima), namely Christian Coudert, Valérie Bellego, Cédric Hervio and Christelle Le Quintrec.

The handisport winners are Maëna, Callista and Yanis, from Auray swimming. The sports association of the Verger college and the futsal team of the Olympic club of the deaf of the country of Auray, accompany them.

The U14 of Auray football club, the surfing section of the Benjamin-Franklin high school, the chicks of the Auray shooting society and the young people of the Alréenne cycling union are awarded the trophy for the young team. That of the senior team goes to the Archers of Auray, the women’s and men’s marathon teams of Cima and the women’s 1 of Pays d’Auray handball.

Finally, the city’s trophy honors Isya Briard from Palm Auray, Mélissa Choup from Pays d’Auray handball and the entire Park (Pays d’Auray rugby club).

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