The sports festival: the opportunity to find the right discipline

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The 16th edition of the sports festival takes place once again on the shores of Lake Soues on Sunday 4 September. The opportunity to test one of the fifty disciplines on offer. Volunteers will be highlighted.

The sports festival, organized by the CDOS 65, is regaining color and confirming its good form after a somewhat test post-covid recovery 2021 edition.

On Sunday 4 September, the general public has an appointment with the Bigourdan sports world around the Lac de Soues.

“We hope to see as many or even more visitors than last year,” says Jean-Yves Mouret, president of the Hautes-Pyrénées Olympic Committee (CDOS).

In 2021, between 6,000 and 8,000 people, including many families, had flocked to Lac de Soues to discover and sometimes test a wide range of sports activities.

This year, around fifty disciplines will be present like last year, rejoices Jean-Yves Mouret.

Team sports (rugby, football, handball…), canoeing, martial arts, cycling, mountain biking, fencing, climbing…. There is only the embarrassment of the choice. This is an opportunity for children and their families to come and meet club officials to learn about the conditions for exercising the discipline or validate a choice by testing it.

The weather will once again be decisive. Jean-Yves Mouret wants to hope that the sun will be there as in previous years.

The sports festival aims to promote access to sport for as many people as possible, especially young people from priority or rural areas.

This year, the CDOS 65 approached the local mission which works with many young people on their professional integration in particular.

The sports festival is an opportunity to show that sport allows everyone to make a connection, to maintain their physical shape.

« Sport is also a good way to trigger a dynamic » specifies this representative of the local mission. A dynamic that can nurture a proactive approach to starting training or looking for a job.

Volunteers in the spotlight

This sixteenth edition of the sports festival has no sponsor or rather has a multitude. These are the volunteers whose action will be valued throughout the sports festival.

The Covid has been there and some clubs are struggling to find volunteers to take care of teams, train, organize events. « Volunteers, there are always but a little less, notes Jean-Yves Mouret and they are getting older. We must worry about their future if we want to continue to have clubs. We need volunteers, educators to train future champions. »

4,400 young people from the Hautes-Pyrenees took advantage of the sport pass in 2021

The Pass’Sport set up by the government wants to promote sports practice among young people by providing aid of €50 to finance all or part of an activity or a license. The system has found a wide echo in the Hautes -Pyrenees in 2021/2022. No less than 4,400 young people have been helped to practice a sport. Youth and sports officials hope there will be as many in 2022/2023. young people aged 16 to 30 benefiting from the AAH, the scheme is extended this year to scholarship students on social criteria up to 28 years of age.

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