The Sport’n’Chill program back for an 8th season on Radio Campus Montpellier

Sport’n’Chill talks about Montpellier and international sports news. The show can be found every Monday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. on Radio Campus Montpellier.

A group of friends talking about sports around a table. So far, no wonder. Except that they do it every Monday from 7 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. behind a live microphone on the FM band. The 8th season of Sport’n’Chill, the program dedicated to sports news, began in September on Radio Campus Montpellier (102.2 FM).

For 1h30, the antenna is hosted by Romain Boyer, a sports enthusiast and loyal supporter of Montpellier clubs. The volunteer presenter is a former subscriber of GGL Stadium where he still goes regularly to support the MHR. The title of champion of France won by the Hérault rugby players has necessarily filled him but we can, here and there, meet him at the Palais des sports de Castelnau in support of the MHSC VB or at the Sud de France during the gala matches of the MHB . Romain vividly remembers what he did during the 2012 MHSC Footballers’ Title festivities.

Debate, news and guests

Surrounded by his acolytes Tim, the two Guillaumes, Jules, Théo or even Yassine to name a few, he always begins the program by debriefing the results of the weekend of local sportsmen. Nothing is left to chance and it’s a small feat as the news is dense every weekend on the grounds of Montpellier.

For this new season, the « chillers », as they call themselves on the air, wanted to add debate to the show. After the first musical break, it is now time for Focus news with international current affairs which can vary between cycling, motor sports, basketball or even tennis. Recently, the announced end of Roger Federer’s career caused a particular reaction from those on set.

Then follows the favorites and the rant with real positions. The theme of the last part varies between weeks. A debate can animate the end of the program as when the specialists wondered if it was necessary to boycott the FIFA World Cup in Qatar. Otherwise, Sport’n’Chill welcomes Montpellier sports players. Like MA2M athlete Mattéo Lorusso on Monday, French junior champion in the 400m or BMX Flatland star Alex Jumelin last May.

A program produced by and for sports lovers in Montpellier. Listen on Radio Campus Montpellier.

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