A year after the disappearance of Go Sport d’Andelnans, it is Sport Leclerc’s turn to close. The deadline is summer. The sign of the avenue de la République launched until July 1 a total liquidation on its stock with discounts varying between 30 and 70%.

« A line to the back of the store at 9:30 am »

The lure of bargains obviously attracted a large crowd with sometimes long queues at checkouts. “A line to the back of the store at 9:30 a.m.,” complains a woman.  » Too much for me. “At Sport Leclerc, we answer that everything must disappear before a permanent closure. It will take place three years after the installation of the commercial establishment at the southern entrance to Belfort.

The rental cell

At the time, it was a question of extending its storage capacity by going from a 1,500 m² commercial space on avenue d’Altkirch to a 1,910 m² unit on avenue de la Republic. A few weeks after the first confinement of 2020, Sport Leclerc took possession of its new premises in the middle of July. Very quickly, he was confronted with the health crisis followed by an economic crisis.

A pricing policy much higher than the competition

In addition, customers have complained of a pricing policy much higher than the competition. The decline in revenue coincided with rents deemed too expensive in this area by project promoters.

Anyway, the Sport Leclerc cell has been rented out again, as indicated by a sign in the area.