The special NBA Sunday bet: €300 to be won by betting on James Harden and the victory of the Sixers


Betting friends, betting friends, the time has come to get wet. On this Sunday, February 13, the NBA is offering us a rich and quality program with eight matches, three of which are at very European times for our greatest pleasure. This offers, as always, many opportunities to have fun with a small bet, provided of course you have a good nose.

Like every year, we will offer you – throughout the season – some advice to guide the more players among you, in the hope that it will be useful to you. The objective is clear: break our partner’s bank BetSport ! But always remember to gamble responsibly, which means only betting money you can afford to lose. Hashtag don’t do the boloss, you know.

Daily odds

  • 7:00 p.m.: Knicks (4.30) – Sixers (1.26)
  • 9:30 p.m .: Suns (1.98) – Jazz (1.87)
  • 11:00 p.m .: Pacers (3.85) – Celtics (1.28)
  • 01:00: Rockets (3.35) – Clippers (1.35)
  • 01:00: Hornets (1.16) – Pistons (5.50)
  • 1:30 am: Warriors (1.55) – Mavericks (2.55)
  • 03:00: Blazers (3.80) – Nuggets (1.29)
  • 4 a.m.: Lakers (1.87) – Pelicans (1.98)

For your first bet, up to €150 in free bets to receive!

If you open an account with ParionsSport Online, if you deposit €150 (maximum bonus) and if, for example, you play this €150 on our main bet, you can have €300 in your account, if it passes of course. And if it doesn’t pass, your deposit will be refunded to you in the form of free bets which will be credited to your account. So ? What does one say ?

The bet that we feel good

James Harden scores at least 20 points and the Sixers win at the Knicks (2.00): for his first outing in the jersey of his new franchise, James Harden gave us a very clean performance and his duet with Joel Embiid showed extremely promising signs for the future. Le Barbu is a scoring machine. Even while dragging his legs earlier in the season with the Nets, he was shooting more than 22 points per game and had hit the 20 mark 25 times in 44 outings. Imagining him doing scoring damage against the Knicks defense is anything but surprising. As for the victory of the Sixers… They are very favorites of this meeting vis-a-vis Knicks whose defense is average and the attack among the most inoffensive of the league this season. The risk of this good odds at 2.00 probably lies in a blowout which would reduce the Barbu’s playing time when he would have already dealt a lot and scored low.

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The handset to try

Devin Booker scores at least 25 points and the Celtics beat the Pacers (1.92) : in the absence of Chris Paul, Devin Booker sees his offensive responsibilities increase at creation but will continue to score as he knows how to do. 25 points is a little less than his average this season. The odds are at 1.50. The Celtics play well, the Pacers are fun to watch but earn little. The odds of the winning Celtics are at 1.28.

A little madness to finish?

Terry Rozier scores at least 25 points against the Pistons (3.25): 25 points is a bar that Terry Rozier has reached 14 times this season (52 games) and this has not been the case in the last two games. Does this increase the probability of success of this little madness? Yes, because Terry is scary. An argument with solid foundations as you can see.

That’s all for today. Hopefully these tips will bear fruit. See you tomorrow at the banker for the opening of the PEL.

The odds offered in this article are likely to go up or down between the time these lines are written and the time they are read. We therefore give this advice as an indication and subject to the odds being always available, without ever guaranteeing the result (no, we are not yet guessers).

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