The Spanish press castigates the arbitration of Anthony Taylor / League of Nations / Final / Spain-France (1-2) / October 11, 2021 /

The pill does not go well.

The Spanish press has decided to shoot red balls on Anthony Taylor and his VAR assistants following France’s success on Sunday night in the League of Nations. Marca titled: « They destroy football » with a picture of the obvious offside of Kylian Mbappé. For the Madrid daily, it is an incomprehensible interpretation of the VAR on a ridiculous offside rule that brings Spain down. Mr. Taylor’s explanation, « You should have refrained from tackling » , goes extremely badly.

On the side ofAce, former Spanish referee Iturralde González was called in to explain the man in black’s justifications. However, the argument still does not calm other media, such as Sport which speaks quite simply of injustice. At last, El Mundo Deportivo makes a play on words by titling « VAR … apalo » (literally « the blow ») to talk about the disputed goal.

A united Spain is beautiful.

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