The solution to the problems of power play of the Canadian is on the side of San Jose

If I ask you what is the biggest problem with the Canadiens, you will certainly say to me: “Where to start? The goalkeepers lack consistency, apart from Nick Suzuki and Cole Caufield, the attack is down. The youngsters are doing their best in defence, but clearly it’s not enough. Dadonov! Ah yes, it is perhaps him the biggest problem of the CH. Unless it’s too long contracts to Brendan Gallagher, Joel Armia or Josh Anderson. »

It seems that finding the biggest problem in a club that has only about that many problems is not as easy as I thought…

The power play… That was the answer I was looking for!

We’ve been looking for a solution to the famous problem of the Canadiens’ power play since Andrei Markov’s departure, and according to Martin Lemay of We talk to RDS and the Return of athletes At BPM Sports, Kent Hughes must absolutely pay close attention to the situation of young defender Ryan Merkley.

As he mentions, Merkley is preceded by a reputation as a problem gambler. Wherever he went since his junior days with Guelph and Peterborough, trouble was not far off. Despite everything, due to his natural side, he plays on the right, and his propensity to excel on the power play, the host believes that he could be an interesting piece to add to the Habs’ defensive brigade.

Can Ryan Merkley do better than Chris Wideman as a power play driver? Most likely.

But is he ready to become a true professional and put aside his attitude problems? I can never say for sure. We have already seen players change completely to finally establish themselves in the NHL properly, this is the case for Mike Hoffman, dig into his history with the Gatineau Olympiques and the Ottawa Senators, and you will see that he did a 180° compared to what he has been since he’s been in Montreal. Zack Kassian was able to recover from his Montreal blunder with a pick-up to establish himself with the Edmonton Oilers thereafter.

This kind of story exists, remains to be seen if the investigation of Kent Hughes will be conclusive to the point where he will drop a call to Mike Grier to negotiate a transaction.

Personally, I would pass my turn, because I doubt that the leadership currently present with the team is strong enough to assume a deficit record in addition to a potentially disruptive element like him in the entourage of the club. I could be wrong, but I’d rather miss out on a supposed good deal than end up with even more trouble to deal with.

I’m not the only one to have reservations about Merkley:

Ryan Merkley was a first-round pick in 2018, 21e in total, by the San Jose Sharks. He is on his 3e full season with their school club. In 39 games in the NHL, he registered 1 goal and 5 assists while maintaining a minus differential of -10. He has never been able to present a positive differential since he turned pro.

A lot of

– At 6:30 p.m., we will be able to see the 34e victory for the Canadian team!

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– Are you like George on that?

– How come the Canadian is not in this list!? 😂😂

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