the soap opera with Wanda Nara starts again, towards a package from Icardi in Leipzig?

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It’s go again ! The Wanda Nara show has restarted, and please! While we thought the beautiful Argentina reconciled with Mauro Icardi, she would have come across a very compromising video. It was his great friend, Yanina Latorre, presenter of Los Angeles de la Manana, who revealed it: on the PSG striker’s phone was a video in which we see the actress China Suarez in full session of onanism screaming Icardi’s name …

And that’s not all ! Wanda Nara would have learned that the center forward had kindly suggested that he go for a walk in Milan with the children to better get to know the famous China Suarez. Unsurprisingly, upon learning of this, Argentina once again set sail on Italy, broke with Icardi again and once again posted inflammatory messages on social media. The last time she did that, the Parisian withdrew from the Leipzig reception. Will he do the same tonight for the return to Germany, certainly struck down by this umpteenth rebound?

Wanda Nara and Mauro Icardi separated again

The soap opera between the Icardi spouses has resumed! Madama found a naughty video on the PSG striker’s phone in which his supposed mistress is seen in the middle of a lonely frolicking pronouncing his name. Wanda Nara has decided to leave him again …

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