The shocking revelation of Joel Embiid, close to giving up everything!

Confirmed candidate, if not favorite for the title of MVP, Joel Embiid can savor his domination over the rest of the league. All the more so following his complicated start to his career, to which he returned with frankness on the sidelines of the All-Star Game!

Admittedly, LeBron James and Steph Curry remain and will remain as the main characters of this meeting, which they scored with 3 points from the parking lot and game-winner. Nevertheless, to offer fans such a dramatic outcome as that of the last All-Star Game, the two superstars had to rely on a good opposition. This is good, since a certain Joel Embiid faced them.

Faithful to his performance in the jersey of the 76ers, the Cameroonian pivot splashed the floor of the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse with his talent. His 36 points and 10 rebounds unfortunately did not allow Team Durant to win, but looked like a big snub in the direction of fate. Indeed, the latter has long played with the career of the Philly star, and almost prevented him from taking part in this kind of match!

Joel Embiid admits to having thought about retirement very early on

Before becoming one of, if not the most formidable pivot in the league, Embiid had a difficult start to his career, with two and a half seasons spent in the infirmary. A dark page in his history, on which he expressed himself with honesty following the meeting of the stars!

When I came back to Cameroon, I really wanted to stop playing basketball and retire, because at that time I had just had surgery, and everyone was saying that I would never make it, that I couldn’t. was never going to play in the league.

All these elements, coupled with the sudden disappearance of his little brother, Arthur, almost convinced him to hang up the sneakers, even before he could put them on an NBA floor!

I wanted to give up, and I almost did. Basically, I missed two seasons in a row, and there were all these articles coming out about me every day. “Joel weighs 300 pounds,” stuff like that. Overall, the media always spoke badly of me. It was hard.

I had to go through a lot of hardships to get here. It was very hard, but I’m happy to have continued to believe in it with the help of all my loved ones. I’m just happy. I am delighted to be here.

JoJo has something to savor this victory over bad luck, he who knew how to overcome all these obstacles to live his dream, and crush the competition today, including the All-Star Game!

A player’s career is sometimes down to a simple decision, which can deprive him of a bright future. Joel Embiid is therefore well placed to know, he who could never have planted 36 points in an All-Star Game if he had not fought his demons a few years earlier!

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