The shocking detail in the Lakers Big 3 photo that worries fans!

Like every start of the season, players are invited to take many promotional photos during Media Day in view of the upcoming exercise, and the Lakers are no exception. Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook were even able to take a few shots together, but a detail quickly alerted fans if we compare to 2021.

The recovery is officially here for the Lakers, who will begin their training camp on Tuesday, a moment eagerly awaited by fans at the dawn of the regular season. It is still very difficult to know what the Angelinos will be able to accomplish, but the supporters have confidence in LeBron James and Anthony Davis to try to bring something back, even if the doubts are many in Los Angeles. After all, the Russell Westbrook soap opera is hot, he who could be exchanged shortly according to GM.

Westbrook in cold with LeBron at the Lakers?

But during Media Day, it’s not just the statements that are closely scrutinized by journalists and social networks, it is also the case of interactions between players. On their Twitter account, the SB Nation account had fun comparing photos from 2021 and 2022 concerning the Big 3, namely Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Russell Westbrook. In addition to the capillary change of the first quoted, it is another detail which disturbs.

Less closeness between James and Westbrook, which may seem almost trivial, but not necessarily for the fans. We recall that the two players had some strange moments this summer, like this match where they decided to ignore each other for hours, without a single public interaction. The sign that everything is not perfect in the locker room, especially since the other videos of this Media Day confirm this version.

In a video shared by the NBA account, where the Big 3 can be seen having what seems like a good time, netizens can’t help but notice that the whole thing seems to be forced:

“We need to laugh and have fun in front of the cameras”

While Russell Westbrook, LeBron James and Anthony Davis want to show a great deal in front of the cameras, it’s hard to fall for it when you see these images. It is clear that the rumors of the summer have left their mark, it remains to be seen whether Darvin Ham will be able to draw something from the current squad. The fans themselves have serious doubts about it.

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