The shock number on Jazz without Rudy Gobert

Since Rudy Gobert has been in solitary confinement in the league’s Health and Safety Protocols, the Jazz have been in big trouble, especially defensively. Moreover, a fan went to find a figure that proves that without the hub, Utah are a second-zone team.

For many years, Jazz fans have told anyone who will listen that Rudy Gobert is one of the best pivots in the NBA, and that he is the most important player in the Quin Snyder system. But for some reason that’s hard to fathom, the Utah hub is not being given due recognition by fans of other franchises and other NBA players.

Last season, he was particularly criticized in the playoffs, especially after the elimination of his own, for his supposed inability to defend off. This year, they are Patrick Beverley and Anthony Edwards who attacked him, by asserting that he was not a real deterrent in painting, and especially that he hid too often by not following the dominant opposing players to stop them face to face.

Donovan Mitchell and Jazz in Agony without Rudy Gobert

Fortunately, these accusations should not stand up to the present time. Indeed, while the pivot of the France team is in isolation for a positive COVID test, the Jazz is struggling with three consecutive defeats against the Raptors, Pacers, and Pistons, three teams yet more or less mediocre. But an assiduous fan of the Jazz released a shock statistic which shows that this form was finally quite predictable.

In the Donovan Mitchell era, Utah has a record of 14 wins for 21 losses without Rudy Gobert (22 following the loss against Detroit on Monday, editor’s note).

Since his arrival in the NBA in 2017, Donovan Mitchell has been presented as the best player in Jazz, the one who is able to carry the team to the NBA Finals… And if the All-Star is obviously very strong, he is not. may not be the essential cog if this statistic is to be believed. Without Rudy Gobert by his side, Spida struggles to carry Utah to victory, while the reverse is not necessarily true.

Without the Stifle Tower, the Jazz has a record of 14 wins and 22 losses since 2017 … Without Donovan Mitchell and with Gobert, the record over the same period is 20 wins and 14 losses. So obviously the team can’t hope for anything without both at their best, but these numbers are a good reminder of the importance of the pivot, and they could rehabilitate him in the eyes of his colleagues. His career record of 337-245 deserves respect!

Rudy Gobert is the most important player in Utah, the last few games prove it perfectly. Without him, the Jazz can no longer defend and it shows in the results. We understand better why some put him in the race for the MVP!

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