The shadow franchise favored by Ben Simmons

With his trade now expected by the recovery, Ben Simmons should move to a new team shortly. What destination for the leader? Beware of a shadow franchise, which would even favor the player.

It is now acted: Ben simmons will be leaving the Sixers. The simple question we ask ourselves today is when will its trade take place. The answer is difficult to find, because the leaders want a significant counterpart against their star. But with his initial desires, it will be difficult to emerge a winner from a potential exchange for Daryl Morey.

He even said to himself that Simmons would have desires, with no less than 3 franchises in the sights. Unfortunately for him, he does not have the right to oversee his new team. He will simply have to hope for a positive outcome, especially since his front office will not particularly want to give him a gift for the future.

Be careful though to a surprise in this soap opera, especially that Simmons would have a surprising Eastern team in the sights. However, it is the Wolves that interest us here. The franchise would be more and more insistent according to the journalist Jon Krawczynski, who explains this in his last article.

In conversations in Las Vegas, I came away with the impression that the Timberwolves were the most active team in talks to make the deal with Simmons happen.

However, Anthony Edwards, Karl-Anthony Towns and D’Angelo Russell are not available. From there, it’s not easy to find a deal. It will take a third team, still unknown. In a message on Twitter, the journalist in any case confirmed that the interest is mutual.

Fan: “Is Ben Simmons open to playing for the Timberwolves? « 

Jon: « Yes he is »

Between Wolves and Ben Simmons, the interest is clearly there. Can Minnesota complete this trade? It’s a different story now. The competition is in any case very present.

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