The secret meeting between the Lakers and the Nets that panics the web!

At the dawn of an offseason that promises to be explosive, Laker and Nets have organized a recent appointment. A secret meeting whose content remains mysterious, but it’s enough to fire up some fans. A trade? A discussion concerning an elder of the house? Everything goes there.

As the playoffs continue for some NBA teams, others plan for their future. This is the case for example of the Lakers or the Nets, who have had an extremely disappointing season. We expect many changes in the coming months for the two franchises, and nothing says that they will not negotiate together in the future. This is precisely what Internet users think after the latest news.

Future deal between Lakers and Nets?

This week, there was the combined draft, the moment for future prospects to show what they are capable of through various exercises: jumping, running, mobility, etc., anything goes. But what challenges is the secret meeting that there was between the Nets and the Lakers, who were able to discuss a little. What topic of conversation? This is what Internet users would like to know.

Nets GM Sean Marks and Rob Pelinka of the Lakers had a date at the Marriot Marquis this week for the NBA Combine. Not sure what was said. A potential trade? Plans for a meal? Comparison of superstar problems?

Impossible to know the nature of the discussions between the Lakers and the Nets, but as often, some Internet users have ideas:

Reference call about Kenny Atkinson

LeBron vs. Simmons/Patty/Cam/Sixers picks

LBJ at the Nets confirmed…

Always hard to know what the teams are discussing, but for the Lakers and Nets, you might think it’s about Kenny Atkinson. Remember that he was a coach in Brooklyn, and that he made favorites to replace Frank Vogel. We should have confirmation soon.

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