the schedule for the qualifiers in Africa (September 2021)

From Wednesday, the first two days of the 2022 World Cup qualifiers will be on the program for 40 African selections. Here is the complete calendar including some nice posters to follow: Gabon-Egypt (September 5), Guinea-Morocco (September 6), Côte d’Ivoire-Cameroon (September 6), South Africa-Ghana (September 6) and Burkina Faso-Algeria (September 7).

Wednesday September 1 (1st day)
Timetable in universal time; for France, add two hours

1 p.m., Central African Republic vs Cape Verde (Group C), in Douala, Cameroon
4 p.m., Guinea-Bissau vs Guinea (Group I), in Nouakchott in Mauritania
4 p.m., Senegal vs Togo (Group H), in Thiès
7 p.m., Libya vs Gabon (Group F), in Benghazi
7 p.m., Mali vs Rwanda (Group E), in Agadir, Morocco
7 p.m., Egypt vs Angola (Group F), in Cairo

Thursday September 2

DR Congo vs Tanzania (Group J)
Kenya vs Uganda (Group E)
Namibia vs Congo (Group H)
Madagascar vs Benin (Group J)
Niger vs Burkina Faso (Group A)
Morocco vs Sudan (Group I)
Algeria vs Djibouti (Group A)

Friday September 3

Zimbabwe vs South Africa (Group G)
Mozambique vs Ivory Coast (Group D)
Mauritania vs Zambia (Group B)
Nigeria vs Liberia (Group C)
Ghana vs Ethiopia (Group G)
Tunisia vs Equatorial Guinea (Group B)
Cameroon vs Malawi (Group D)

Sunday September 5th (kick off day 2)

Rwanda vs Kenya (Group E)
Togo vs Namibia (Group H)
Gabon vs Egypt (Group F)

Monday September 6

Benin vs DR Congo (Group J)
Uganda vs Mali (Group E)
Djibouti vs Niger (Group A)
South Africa vs Ghana (Group G)
Guinea vs Morocco (Group I)
Liberia vs Central African Republic (Group C)
Ivory Coast vs Cameroon (Group D)

Tuesday September 7

Zambia vs Tunisia (Group B)
Tanzania vs Madagascar (Group J)
Malawi vs Mozambique (Group D)
Congo vs Senegal (Group H)
Ethiopia vs Zimbabwe (Group G)
Equatorial Guinea vs Mauritania (Group B)
Cape Verde vs Nigeria (Group C)
Burkina Faso vs Algeria (Group A)
Sudan vs Guinea-Bissau (Group I)
Angola vs Libya (Group F)

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