The Saudis are betting on a surprise striker, the supporters already on the nerves

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The month of January promises to be decisive for Newcastle, who have the double priority of saving themselves in the Premier League while starting to build the contours of their huge new project, with the almost unlimited means of the Saudi owners at their head. This therefore requires an XXL Mercato in the coming weeks.

A first nice coup was concluded with the arrival of Kieran Trippier, the English side returned to the country after a stint at Atlético Madrid. The second recruit is now emerging, and it is much more surprising. In search of a scorer, especially after the injury of Callum Wilson, the Magpies have visibly bet on … Chris Wood, the 30-year-old striker who plays at Burnley. For this rookie broken in Premier League games, Newcastle should drop a check for 30 million euros, the amount of his release clause.

The supporters expected much better …

Problem, this arrival is not at all to the taste of the supporters who, as relayed by the Daily Mail, fell back from their chair after dreaming of much better in recent weeks. Like the appointment of Eddie Howe on the bench when some star coaches were announced, seeing Chris Wood land for such an amount cools the fans, who expected Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang, Ousmane Dembélé or even … Kylian Mbappé!

to summarize

On the side of Newcastle, where an XXL Mercato is announced, it seems that a surprising track is almost concluded for the position of scorer. What cause big criticism from supporters who expected much better.

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