The sanction falls for Evan Fournier, the fans overjoyed!

Moving to Salt Lake City on Tuesday night, the Knicks took a great victory, thanks to a great Jalen Brunson (25 points). The notable fact of this part? Evan Fournier did not play. The sanction is immediate for the French, disappointing in recent weeks. A trade is not impossible before February…

After a nasty slap against the Thunder, the Knicks absolutely had to react against a surprise team at the start of the season: the Jazz. With a 10-6 record, Jordan Clarkson’s teammates impress and surprise observers, even though they fell to New York on Tuesday. The final score? 118-11 in favor of Tom Thibodeau’s men.

Jalen Brunson finished with 25 points, while Cam Reddish took advantage of his starting role to drop 19 units. A great evening for the players and supporters, especially since Evan Fournier…did not play. Back on the bench for several games, the Frenchman did not return to the court this Tuesday evening, after his zero point in the last game. We can see that as a sanction on the part of his coach.

Evan Fournier soon exchanged?

A strong choice from Thibodeau. Evan is no longer in the Knicks rotation, at least for now. The coach can give him time to regain his senses, or an injury could allow the former Magic to find a place. But if such a scenario continues, a trade by the February deadline is quite possible. We can even say probable.

The New York Knicks won a game. Evan Fournier did not play in this match. These two statements definitely go together with each other.

Evan Fournier trying to board the team plane to leave Utah

So bencher Fournier was the key?

Evan Fournier is definitely going through a very difficult period as a player. He is no longer in the Knicks rotation, and does not know when he will be able to have new minutes. A trade is perhaps the best solution to revive, even if the Frenchman does not intend to let go. We should know more in the next matches.

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