the sad reality of a former NBA star…

NBA – Kemba Walker was a great leader in the 2010s. Unfortunately, injuries got the better of him and in 2022, no one wants to recruit him anymore. It’s the sad reality of many players, who have yet been at the top of the NBA at some point in their careers.

Kemba Walker is the perfect symbol of the NBA’s mind-boggling speed. Players stay on average less than 5 years within the same franchise and there is a reason for that. As Nicolas Batum summed it up pretty well not long ago, staying in the NBA is much harder than getting into it. 2018-2019 season, all is well for Kemba Walker, he turns over 25 points per game, the twilight of his career and even if he is too lonely at the Hornets, he is named starter at an All-Star Game, for the first time in Charlotte. Subsequently, he flies to the Celtics but without knowing it, the worries will begin. Kyrie Irving’s digital replacement left for Brooklyn, the legend of New York begins to get injured. Over the last 4 seasons in Charlotte, he has played 80 games per season. He will only play 56 games in 2019-2020 (Covid season). Boston is going to the conference final and Kemba is no stranger to that, so it’s normal to believe in it for the next season but the rest will be even more heartbreaking. He only played 43 games the following season, which marked the end of his stay with the Celtics. New start in Boston, his hometown but the experience cut short, he no longer fits into the team’s plans and is finally transferred this summer, then fired.

What next for the player? That’s the big question, after getting cut by the Pistons. We are talking about a playmaker who is only 32 years old. Even being counter-performing, he was still running at 11.6 points. Kemba Walker still has the level for the NBA, but his role must now change. According to James Edwards III, journalist at The Athletic, the legendary number 8 of the Hornets is having a hard time finding a team. He’s a leader, a guy who thinks about the team, but the franchises must be reluctant to sign a player who is no longer 100%. We don’t thank the Knicks who gave him bad publicity. This proves the importance of giving the right costume to each player. Kemba Walker unfortunately has to go through this change in status, to continue playing in the NBA for a few years, in which case retirement will only be a matter of months.

The NBA is the perfect place to create great stories. We have already seen miracles and resurrected careers. If health is good, Kemba Walker is capable of doing great things to help a team, it’s up to him to seize his chance if he signs a contract.

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