The route of the Rally 4 Porsche is known

At the level of the participants, nothing has yet filtered at the time of writing these lines. However, rumors are already circulating about the presence, among others, of a certain Patrick Snijers, nine times winner of the Condroz, aboard his yellow 911. Patience!

10 times

In total, 10 specials will be covered. There will be three loops with three sections followed by a final pass at Solières as a final, all totaling 341 km including 110 against the clock. It was on the last track, in a region already very well known thanks to the Condroz rally, that the R4P (Rally4Porsche) team managed to lay out an unprecedented special show. Let’s already point to a place that will undoubtedly win all the votes of the public thanks to a first, a hyper-spectacular passage in the parking lot of the famous Moulin de Solières.

Stéphane Lhonnay, course manager, is very proud of this second special  » Indeed, we received the unconditional support of the village of Huccorgne which had never, until now, hosted a special stage on its territory even though there are a large number of enthusiasts among its inhabitants. Their pleasure will be increased tenfold when they know that it is also a special show. And that of the competitors also with, in particular, a very tight left hairpin near the village church and the municipal school which will require the use of the handbrake if they do not want to maneuver! »

Finally, the R4P team was not lacking in skill at Clavier to mix portions formerly used by other events and obtain a line special of nearly 15 kilometers presenting a particularly representative range of all the types of terrain that can be found locally. And something tells us that the public will have a soft spot for the quick but safe passage around the Château de Vervoz.

The first competitors will leave the starting area, located Avenue Delchambre in Huy (Editor’s note: the location already used by the Rallye du Condroz), on Sunday at 8:00 a.m. while the prize giving will take place on the Grand-Place de Huy in 7:30 p.m.

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