The Rock makes a big promise … to Devin Booker!

Devin Booker must feel the pressure mounting as the Finals approach. For his first participation in the playoffs, the rear will have the opportunity to win a ring! And that’s not all, since a few years ago, the legend The Rock had made him a beautiful promise in the event of a title!

Devin Booker is only 24 years old, he is playing for the first time in a competitive team, and as if by magic, he will discover the NBA Finals! From a player who does statistics in a vacuum, he rose to the status of a leader capable of shining in great moments. His divine feat to eliminate the Lakers in the first round will be remembered!

And in a series as indecisive as the one ahead of the Bucks, he just might be the X factor for the Suns. It is no coincidence that his name is among bookmakers’ favorites for the title of MVP of the Finals. Devin Booker has been an excellent player for years, and the world is finally having a chance to see it.

And in the event of a title, Mr. Kendall Jenner could be entitled to a nice surprise in addition! Indeed a few years ago, in 2017 to be precise, the film and WWE superstar Dwayne « The Rock » Johnson made him a beautiful promise. It all started with a photo where the two athletes wore a fairly similar outfit. The sequel is as unexpected as it is hilarious.

The Rock: The difference was, I was wearing poor silver jewelry and a fake watch. Devin Booker is doing much better.

Devin Booker: You know I can’t wrestle with you my brother. I will have to try the fanny pack next time.

The Rock: I’m suggesting something to you: When you lift the Larry O’Brien Trophy, I’ll make sure you get a personalized banana. Continue to pursue excellence!

Devin Booker is only 4 victories away from a custom fanny pack by The Rock! His girlfriend will probably not let him wear such an accessory, but the story would be beautiful! The kind of nice little motivation at the approach of such a great moment.

Devin Booker will play these Finals for the glory, for a Ring, and therefore for a personalized banana! It remains to be seen in what order he classifies these possible rewards in his head …

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