The ridiculous best offer the Nets received for Kevin Durant

Kevin Durant will finally be a member of Brooklyn in 2022-23, the Nets having agreed on a deal with no one. It must be said that the competition was not ready to meet the demands of the Blacks and Whites… proof with the best offer they received, which is quite low.

It was the biggest saga of the summer, and probably also the weirdest in a while. But in the end, Kevin Durant has decided: he won’t go anywhere and will continue to play for Brooklyn. On the other hand, it was no longer really in his purview… indeed, practically all the franchises had withdrawn from his file, while more than half of the league were in the ranks following his trade request in July . At the same time, it will not surprise anyone.

After all, blacks and whites demanded a monstrous tariff for the Slim Reaper, certainly linked to the transfer of Rudy Gobert. However, no one had obviously the will to accede to this request, according to Shams Charania. The famous insider broached the subject during his visit to the Rich Eisen Show, revealing at the same time the biggest offer the New York superteam has received for the winger. And it is quite surprising:

No franchise willing to go all-in on Durant

I was told the best offer the Nets had on the table came from the Celtics. Jaylen Brown, Derrick White and a first-round pick.

So yes, it would be a very nice package in normal times, but KD’s case falls more into the « extraordinary » category. A player MVP and double MVP of the Finals in his prime, with four more years of contract and that’s all we offer in Brooklyn? There is something to be damn surprised, and it is proof that no one was ready to go all-in on him. The fans were in any case stunned by this revelation:

This is a horrible package for KD lmao

The market value of Kevin Durant is so high, clearly this offer is not enough

No wonder the Nets didn’t send anywhere, given that even Boston wasn’t willing to go all-out on a transfer. It must be said that between his reputation and the fact that he still has a massive contract, the Slim Reaper was in a rather delicate situation. But all the same…

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