the revelations of Lolita Ferrari, candidate in “Cosmic Love”

INTERVIEW – Representative of Poitou-Charentes during the crowning of Diane Leyre as Miss France 2022, the 25-year-old young woman took part in the romance program hosted by Nabilla Vergara and broadcast on Amazon Prime Video.

A few months after his experience at Miss France 2022 , Lolita Ferrari agreed to take part in the filming of “Cosmic Love”, romance reality show produced by ITV Studios France for Amazon Prime Video. Like Lison di Martino, second runner-up to Miss France 2018, the 25-year-old has gone from being a beauty pageant candidate to a participant in a program where single people try to find love by letting themselves be guided by their astral compatibility. After the abandonment of Anna Castillo, the one who previously wore the scarf of Miss Poitou-Charentes 2021 joined the shooting in Malta from the seventh day.

LE FIGARO. – How do you go from Miss France to “Cosmic Love”?
Lolita FERRARI. – I received a message from the casting teams of the show on my social networks and I was curious to answer to find out more. There was a first remote interview on video then directly in Paris. I had been selected to be one of the four elements of “Cosmic Love” but I had problems with identity papers, I didn’t have a passport and my identity card expired the month of filming. At the last moment, I couldn’t make it to Malta, so I was replaced by Anna.

What did you do during the week which preceded your arrival on the set?
Already, I was able to solve my problems with identity papers. I was at home, I was no longer supposed to participate and the production contacted me at the last moment to find out if I was tempted to come. I quickly packed my bags and headed for Malta. After 48 hours of isolation, I entered the first ceremony of the game after the abandonment of Anna.

How did your integration go?
I was not apprehensive at all, I was very relaxed. I am a very sociable person, I adapt easily. But it turned out to be complicated to integrate into an already formed group, I tended to be restrained and not dare to impose myself. The other three girls were very close together and they didn’t necessarily integrate me very well. It didn’t really make me feel comfortable.

Cosmic Love: the 4 elements

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« I lived three years in a relationship with a violent man »

Lolita Ferrari

What were your expectations by agreeing to participate in this reality TV program?
I’ve always been intrigued by this type of show. The proposal arrived after the very dense experience of Miss France where, all of a sudden, you go from a life at 100 per hour to a great calm. I wanted to relive something new. On the one hand, finding love interested me and, on the other hand, astrology is a field that fascinates me. I’m deep into it.

What was your romantic past like before the show?
I had been alone for a year and a half. Previously, I lived three years in a relationship with a man who was violent with me, physically and psychologically. It took me a long time to recover from this complicated relationship.

How do you explain that the candidates for Miss France almost never talk about their private life in the context of the competition but, for some, agree to do it afterwards?
When we are at Miss France, the organization asks us if we have a darling. If so, we shouldn’t show it and we shouldn’t flaunt our privacy. Personally, I don’t really understand why because I don’t mind talking about my love life. This is not advice given to us. During a miss year, we are not allowed to show ourselves with our boyfriend and put romantic photos on our social networks.

“I preferred to leave to protect myself”

Lolita Ferrari

What did you think of the compatible singles you met during « Cosmic Love »?
The production offered me four at once when I arrived, I had Salah, Andréa, Benjamin and Vincent. The first two pleased me more physically speaking…

Why not have been until the final ceremony like the other three candidates?
I did not live a love story unlike others. I stayed with Andréa until the end but, as the days went by, I understood that we did not feel the same for each other. I was attracted to him but it wasn’t reciprocated. We got an explanation and there was no point in continuing. I didn’t understand why he didn’t like me, it saddened me. I preferred to leave to protect myself.

As Lison was able to do with Vitale then Enzo, have you considered giving Salah a chance?
They talked to me about it, they asked me if I hadn’t made a mistake when making my choice, but no, Salah was not a plan B. I really liked Andréa. Salah is a very good person, he’s an adorable man who really wanted to be with me but I didn’t have the same feeling on my side.

Cosmic Love: the 12 cosmic lovers

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« My experience in the Miss France competition made me a little complex »

Lolita Ferrari

Six months after filming “Cosmic Love”, how do you feel?
The return to France was a little difficult, I experienced the experience as a failure. I had a little taste of unfinished. If I had started filming from the beginning of the adventure, I would have been much more comfortable and I would have had more time to get to know people. But I don’t regret anything, I was able to make some great friendships. Emotionally speaking, I’ve had a few encounters that didn’t work out and I’m still single.

Since Miss France, you seem more sure of yourself…
My experience in the competition made me a little complex. It was my childhood dream and the experience was crazy but, psychologically, it was complicated because I focused on the physical. I was surrounded by very pretty girls, I tended to devalue myself and, in addition, I came out of a relationship where I had been belittled and humiliated for three years. It’s more my experience in « Cosmic Love » that allowed me to free myself and show as I am, with my strengths and my weaknesses. Today, I have the will to assume myself and to use my past wounds to move forward. I’m growing up, I’m going to be 26 this year, I want to become a strong and independent woman.

What memories do you keep of your Miss France year?
It was a crazy adventure, I traveled for the first time in my life, I was able to discover Reunion. The experience of the ceremony live on TF1 was incredible, it was the fulfillment of a dream that I thought was impossible to achieve.

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