the return of Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso to Staples Center, but above all two teams aiming for the heights


Put the kids to bed, have a 4 fro ‘in the oven and sit on the family sofa, here is the program for this new NBA night.



  • 1h: Cavaliers – Celtics
  • 1h: Pistons – Kings
  • 1h: Wizards – Pelicans
  • 1h30: Hawks – Magic
  • 1h30: Knicks – Pacers (on BeIN Sports 4)
  • 2h: Mavericks – Nuggets (on BeIN Sports 1)
  • 2h: Grizzlies – Rockets
  • 2h: Wolves – Suns
  • 2h: Thunder – Heat
  • 4h: Blazers – Raptors
  • 4:30 am: Lakers – Bulls


4:30 am: Lakers – Bulls: to suppose that the return of Coby White is the main attraction of this Lakers – Bulls would be demonstrating Cobynism, a derivative of the chauvinism specific to the leader of Chicago. No Nikola Vouch or LeBron James, but a magnificent opposition between the outsiders of Illinois, Lonzo Ball, Zach LaVine and DeMar DeRozan, and the triplet Russell Westbrook – Anthony Davis – Carmelo Anthony. It is also the worst team in the third quarter against the best player of the fourth quarter that is DMDR, we are not far from the disaster. The Taureans are third in the Eastern Conference and the Lakers seventh in the Great Jungle, but the forms are roughly similar as both Bulls and Angelinos remain on three wins in four games. Much attention will also be paid to the reunion of Lonzo Ball and Alex Caruso with their former team.


  • Important duel between Celtics and Cavaliers, two teams who both covet a place in the Playoffs.
  • Will Killian Hayes continue after his almost triple-double?
  • In 12 years, will Killian Hayes’ track record be: « I almost did a triple-double? » « 
  • We do not hope, but we will have to show the same confidence as against the Raptors last Saturday
  • The Wizards, in great shape, will they beat Pelicans, completely to the West (lol)?
  • Will Trae Young pass the 40 ionps barrier again against the Magic?
  • Knicks need to gain momentum to aim high, and Fournier regain his level from early games
  • Opposed to the Pacers on Monday, Kemba Walker and his little friends will have to show solidity
  • Nikola Jokic vs Luka Doncic, the fatico live on BeIN Sports 1
  • Rockets move to Memphis, Jalen Green vs Ja Morant: prepare the bitter fists and the Fanta
  • Where is Théo Maledon?
  • We won’t have the answer tomorrow
  • The Thunder faces the Heat, to leave each other as good friends (sivouvoyekonveudire).


Appointment therefore from 1 hour for a treble of matches, then the continuation of the clashes with this Hawks – Magic to make a snail drool, then the Lakers – Bulls under the Staples projos.


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