The return of gauges in Ligue 1 stadiums

This Monday evening, the Prime Minister, Jean Castex, spoke about the current situation concerning the Covid-19 and its fifth wave which will also deprive us of our freedoms. Indeed, the government has yet decided to reduce the capacity of our Ligue 1 stadiums to stop the spread of the virus.

During the umpteenth speech by Jean Castex concerning an endless pandemic, the decisions are not yet in favor of sport and entertainment. Two activities visibly chosen as non-essential by a government which has once again voted in favor of a gauge in events taking place outside. Indeed, the French stadiums will have to be satisfied with 5,000 people during the next official matches of the next three weeks. In addition to this, the consumption of food and drink will not be permitted in stadiums and places open to the public, such as sporting events or public transport. On the other hand, political meetings should not be impacted by a gauge or other bans. Certainly because an outdoor stadium is more prone to transmission of the virus than indoor venues.

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