the results after 3 days of madness! Aperitif TrashTalk


On the sidelines of the Olympic Games and all the emotions that we experience with our magnificent French teams, the NBA Free Agency has obviously occupied the news of the last few days on the basketball world. Lots of signatures, lots of movements, and an essential assessment to be made. Aperitif time!

Here, the link supposed to accompany absolutely all your days

From the early hours of the Free Agency, notifications have multiplied with the accumulation of transactions in the NBA. The first day was hardcore, the second was not bad either, and now it’s only starting to calm down. The opportunity to sit down a bit and take stock of the winners and losers of this Free Agency 2021, even if there are still some issues to settle. Who seriously did the job? Who signed the best contract? A team that really abused? These are the kinds of questions we ask ourselves in this video that will keep you busy for 70 minutes. Well yes, you know, we do not do things by halves here and given how the market has ignited since the beginning of the week, there is something to say!

You know the formula. We settle down comfortably, we have something to nibble on, we listen and we react if we want, all in a good mood.


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