the report that wants to revitalize French football

Dthey deputies passionate about sport and in particular football, Régis Juanico (Loire, Génération. s) and Cédric Roussel (Alpes-Maritimes, LREM), concluded their parliamentary mission this week. They published a report of around one hundred pages containing 28 proposals around TV rights and the economic model of French football. Régis Juanico details some of them.

How did this parliamentary mission come about?

Cédric Roussel and I were very surprised that, following the Mediapro fiasco, there was no audit carried out by the Ministry of Sports or the FFF to find out the reasons for this hasty failure, and to learn the lessons. Via the Buffet tax (5% of TV football rights donated to amateur sports) and the agreement between the Federation and the League (2.5% donated to amateur football), French sport as a whole has been impacted. It was a sufficient motive to lean on it. Football representing 80% of the 1.6 billion rights …

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