the Reds would have angered other Premier League clubs!

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The controversy is swelling in England. While the Carabao Cup semi-final first leg between Liverpool and Arsenal was due to be held last week, it was finally postponed until this week after the Reds requested its postponement following too many cases of Covid in their squad . Only, the latter announced false positive cases, Trent Alexander-Arnold being in reality the only one affected. What provoke the scolding of other English clubs.

Are English clubs angry with Liverpool?

If most of the other clubs are using the Prenetics company for their testing, the Scousers would have outsourced this task to another company. If Liverpool will not be the subject of an investigation by the EFL, organizer of the Carabao Cup, this episode would have clearly tarnished the image of the Reds with their Premier League counterparts.

to summarize

After postponing their game against Arsenal last week, Liverpool have reportedly angered other Premier League clubs. The Reds would indeed have subcontracted to another company to carry out its tests.

Nathan Bricout

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