The redesign of Spa is revealed in pictures

As part of the work carried out to improve the safety of the Spa circuit, but also to obtain homologation from the authorities for motorcycle races, the layout is undergoing fairly significant changes. The plan, which is to cost a total of 80 million euros, began on November 15 and must ensure the long-term future of the track which notably hosts the Belgian F1 Grand Prix.

From 2022, the Ardennes track wants to organize a 24-hour motorcycle race, in addition to F1, the 24 Hours of Spa and the WEC, and must obtain a license from the FIM, with the prerequisite a number of changes to the clearance areas. Some asphalt areas will be enlarged while others will be replaced by gravel traps.

These improvements do not only concern track safety since new stands will be built, while the famous chalet which overlooked the Raidillon de l’Eau Rouge has been destroyed.

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Here are the images of this work:

The source

The section between La Source and l’Eau Rouge is barely recognizable at the moment. Outside the hairpin, part of the asphalt clearance area has been replaced with a gravel trap.

In front of the old stands, the « 24 Heures » stand and the outside seats have been demolished, which will change the aspect of the descent to Eau Rouge.

New grandstands as well as VIP areas will be built at this location.


The exterior of Brussels is also reworked. Here, just like at La Source, part of the asphalt clearance area will make way for a gravel trap.


Outside the very rapid left turn, the safety barriers are pushed back to enlarge the runway excursion area.

Here too, the asphalt strip will be largely replaced by gravel, while a service road will be built behind the wall of tires.

Other pictures :


Picture from: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps


Picture from: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps


Picture from: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps


Picture from: Circuit Spa-Francorchamps

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