The Red Star for sale in a classified ad / France / Red Star /

Beautiful antique to retype!

Between vinyl records and old furniture, « a vintage football club » , to buy. This is the ad that appeared in The Parisian of April 26. This « centenary football club located in Saint Ouen » is of course the Red Star.

The takeover of the club by the American investment fund 777 Partners does not pass in the gallery Rino Della Negra. So the supporters themselves try to find an alternative. If they put forward in the announcement the history of the stadium, the club, the future delivery of a training center and a training center, they also point to a condition: the image of the club must be respected. Under penalty of exposing oneself to the scold « of a strong community of noisy supporters, guarantors of the strong values ​​of the club, but very endearing » . Obviously, “investment funds and sovereigns or bulimic and unethical investors abstain” . If you are more interested in buying a football club than a Louis XV style wardrobe, the supporters propose to forward your application to the club.

Next step: the club for sale at the Saint-Ouen flea market.

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