The Red Sox are interested in the services of Javier Baez

Several clubs are on the case of Javier Baez. This is normal: he is an excellent player and his good end to the season in New York has opened the eyes of a few people.

And among the clubs that would be in the sights of the club, there would be the Boston Red Sox. Chaim Bloom’s training would be in the Derby.

Obviously, the first thing we think about is the fact that besides the Mets (for Francisco Lindor, actually), he wants to play shortstop. And the Sox, they have a shortstop in Xander Bogaerts.

In an ideal world, Baez would be the shortstop and Bogaerts would be on second base. But you know as well as I do that Boston would never do that, even if they think about it.

How else to convince Baez to sign for Boston? It’s simple: by banking on the fact that he could play second goal in 2022 before seeing the position he covets potentially open for 2023.

After all, Bogaerts is possibly planning to get out of his contract after the 2022 season in order to sign at a higher price with the Red Sox. Does Boston want to protect themselves like the Dodgers did with Trea Turner? Do the club want to put pressure on Bogaerts not to use his exit option and stay in place? May be.

Do the club only want Baez for the second goal and as an insurance policy if the regular should be injured? Maybe yes.

That said, even though Bogaerts is not the best defensively, he is still important for the club and not offending him is important.

Boston must therefore find the line between « improving the club » and « making Bogaerts happy » this off-season. Does it go through Baez? Who knows.

Note that there are links between Baez and Alex Cora, two natives of Puerto Rico.

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