The Red Sox and the trade deadline

The Boston Red Sox come out of a third series where they find themselves on the losing side. Is this a return to normal or just a bad streak? Only the future will tell us.

However, the next few days could give Baseball Chief Chaim Bloom a good shot on whether or not he wants to make a splash in the trading market. Now that the draft is over, talks have accelerated significantly over the past few days across the MLB.

But difficult to detect Bloom’s intentions, unlike Dave Dombrowski who did not hide his own.

“It’s always more fun when you have a chance to win. In some ways it’s more complicated because you have a lot of different possibilities that you are considering. I think it’s really important in this situation to be open to a wide range of possibilities. With so much time left in the season, there are a lot of different ways of doing it. If you miss an opportunity to improve yourself, even if it may not be the most obvious fit, you may regret it. « 

If the main interested party wants to improve his club, it will be in the relief paddock and in the first cushion.

In that case, Anthony Rizzo of the Chicago Cubs would be the perfect match as a left-handed hitter and first baseman. Adam Frazier could also be in Bloom’s sights.

On the mound, the options are great with, among others, Richard Rodriguez and Daniel Bard.

It will remain to be seen whether the Bas Rouges staff will decide to take the avenue to sacrifice the future in order to try to win now. If we look to the past, Bloom will look for long term solutions rather than a hire player.

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