The Red Devils will certainly lose their first place in the FIFA rankings

Winner 4-0 of Chile on the night of Thursday to Friday, Brazil has virtually overtaken the Red Devils in the FIFA rankings, the next version of which will be published on Thursday March 31, thus threatening a first place that Martinez’s team occupies without stopping. since September 2018.

The two teams are in a pocket handkerchief, but, even if the Devils (1,828 points currently) win their two friendlies over the next few days, they would only have 1,832 points, a few tenths of a unit less than the Seleção if it wins in Bolivia on Wednesday.

Brazil, which is now at 1,829 points, would then rise to 1,832.7. Conversely, if the South American giant does not win, the Devils would remain in the lead, provided they win their two friendlies. Any other result would make them dependent on Brazil’s in Bolivia.

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