The Receiver. Football: the Mygale is getting ready

The Oranges du Séquestre have returned to the Pountils stadium to prepare for the season. It will officially begin with the Coupe de France and the reception of Massals, a D2 team, on Sunday August 21. In the event of victory, the men of Sébastien Paulet would then rub shoulders with the winner of Réalmont-Blan. The club has several arrivals in order to rejuvenate the workforce as the coach wanted. And to be well equipped to face a season with certainly fewer descents than last year when no less than 7 teams were demoted! With 12 teams at the start, including three from the upper tier (Cambounet, Copains d’Abord and Giroussens), La Crémade second and winner of the Tarn Cup and Lagrave coming out of two successive climbs and a lost Tarn Cup final facing… La Crémade, the hen will be relieved once again. Without forgetting Réalmont or Vignoble which finished ahead of La Mygale last year! « There’s work » according to Seb Paulet.

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