The recap of the day: news from Bradley Beal

It’s brand new and therefore very fresh, it’s the recap of the day made in TrashTalk. Some like to catch the news one by one, others prefer to have the big paper that sums it all up, so you will find here everything that has been written today by our pens but also what has gone under the radar, without forgetting our small contribution on social networks and the program of the night.

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Other info that you may (or may not) like

  • We have news from Gary Payton II. Absent since the start of the season following an abdominal operation, the back of the Blazers could return in one to two weeks. (Source : The Athletic)
  • Celtics player Grant Williams pays the checkout: $20,000 fine for sending the ball into the stands against the Warriors. This same gesture had also earned him an expulsion. (Source : ESPN)
  • Hit in the hamstrings, Bradley Beal found the floors… in training. Still a little patience for the matches. (Source : Wizards)
  • As a $3 billion offer has been made to Robert Sarver to buy the Suns, the Phoenix franchise owner is reportedly looking for a buyer determined to keep the Cactus in Arizona. (Source: AZ Central)
  • Team USA will play all of its matches at the next World Cup (2023) in Manila if we are to believe ESPN. The Philippines – as hosts – have effectively chosen the Americans to be part of their squad, and the finals will also be played in the Philippines. All that to be beaten by the Blues in the final…

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The program of the night

  • 1 hour: Pacers–Heat
  • 1 hour: Wizards–Nets
  • 2 hours: Grizzlies–Hawks
  • 2h30: Mavs–Thunder
  • 2h30: Spurs–Cavs
  • 4h: Blazers–Wolves
  • 4:30 a.m.: Clippers–Celtics

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