The recap of the day: Ja Morant has the tongue hanging out

It’s brand new and therefore very fresh, it’s the recap of the day made in TrashTalk. Some like to catch the news one by one, others prefer to have the big paper that sums it all up, so you will find here everything that has been written today by our pens but also what has gone under the radar, without forgetting our small contribution on social networks and the program of the night.

What you can read on TrashTalk since this morning

  • Steve Clifford invites Steve Nash to visit Charlotte: barely released, Stevie therefore has the opportunity to visit… an open-air prison.
  • The beIN Sports program of the week in the NBA: no match this Tuesday, that’s still 6 sleepless nights in perspective.
  • Best moves from the start of the G League season: Adam Mokoka is pissed, give him a chance in the NBA.
  • We continue our series « What if Victor Wembanyama was drafted by… » with five new episodes: Rockets, Thunder, Spurs, Jazz, Kings.
  • No specific date for the return of Kawhi Leonard: it’s starting to do a lot there, right?
  • The Jazz are playing their best score since the start of the season: 8-3 record, second in the West… how long will the symphony last?
  • Anthony Davis could be traded by the Lakers: the departure of Russell Westbrook remains a priority, but the Unibrow is no longer untouchable.
  • Jabari Smith Jr. travels to Paolo Banchero at 1:15: it’s up to him to show that the Magic was wrong, even if the Magic was not wrong.
  • Ja Morant ranked his backcourt duo with Desmond Bane: « Top 2 in the NBA, and we’re not 2nd ».
  • Why is Ime Udoka still not the Nets coach? « Powerful voices » would try to dissuade Joe Tsai the owner.
  • Ben Simmons replays with the Nets tonight: good news, we can talk about basketball.

Other info that you may (or may not) like

  • Currently in the process of trying to reintegrate the Nets after his suspension for promoting an anti-Semitic film, Kyrie Irving is expected to meet commissioner Adam Silver tomorrow. As a reminder, the NBA big boss showed his disappointment with Kyrie after Uncle Drew’s press conference last Thursday, in which he did not publicly apologize. Irving has since taken to Instagram to express his apologies.
  • According to Shams Charania of The Athletic, the Celtics received a $ 3.23 million envelope to recruit following the injury of Danilo Gallinari. They have until March 10 to use it.
  • Little info for the evening, LeBron James will not play tonight against the Jazz. The reason ? A sore foot.

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The program of the night

  • 1 hour: Hornets–Wizards
  • 1h15: Magic–Rockets
  • 1h30: Pistons – Thunder
  • 1h45: Pacers–Pelicans
  • 2 hours: Sixers–Suns
  • 2h15: Hawks–Bucks
  • 2h30: Heat – Blazers
  • 2h45: Bulls–Raptors
  • 3h: Grizzlies–Celtics
  • 3h15: Wolves–Knicks
  • 3h30: Spurs–Nuggets
  • 3h45: Mavericks–Nets
  • 4h: Warriors–Kings
  • 4:15 a.m.: Jazz–Lakers
  • 4:30 : Clippers–Cavs

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