The promise of Donovan Mitchell who will make Rudy Gobert rage

After five years together at the Jazz, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell both changed air this summer. A new start synonymous with big resolution for the back, which should give rise to big regrets in his former French teammate!

Relatively young and promising, the duo was once called upon to dominate the Western Conference. In the end, Rudy Gobert and Donovan Mitchell will never have honored these expectations, despite a certain encouraging complementarity. Indeed, when the tricolor pivot acted as a defensive pillar of the Jazz, his star teammate brilliantly assured the attack of the franchise. An alloy which nevertheless displayed some costly limits.

Donovan Mitchell finally ready to handle himself in defense?

To gain the upper hand over the competition, Gobert and Mitchell should undoubtedly have shown themselves to be more formidable in the areas which they each lacked. But if the Stifle Tower could deplore a lack of service in attack, Spida for his part could only blame himself for his defensive errors. A gap that he obviously intends to fill in his new colors of the Cavaliers:

I think it’s really going to come down to my focus and small details. Here, I don’t have to do as much offensively, so I’ll be less tired, and I can concentrate on each possession. It’s not a question of capabilities. I can be good in defense. I know it, I’m sure of it. I just haven’t shown it so far, and that’s what I’ll be looking to do in the future here.

A laudable goal, but one that he could have nurtured before leaving Utah. Thus, he would have avoided Gobert his recurring rants on the defense of the team, and would undoubtedly have allowed the latter to perform better. Impossible, however, to go back to change things, no offense to Rudy. His former partner, however, seems determined to change his image as a mediocre defender:

This team was among the top 5 defenses in the league last year. I don’t want to bring her down to 10th place. On the contrary, I want to make it climb, so I will have to figure out how to get there. It will go through the attention that I will pay to the little things, making sure that I stay in front of my opponent, making the extra effort to contest shots. My goal is to get in tune with the team.

Too exhausted by the offensive efforts he had to provide according to him, Donovan Mitchell admits in any case not having given his maximum in defense to the Jazz. It is however not for lack of having been targeted several times by Rudy Gobert on this point!

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