the program for Tuesday, November 29 with Wales-England and Iran-USA

Groups A and B of the 2022 World Cup deliver their verdict on Tuesday, November 29, with the start of a four-day sequence with two matches at 4 p.m. and two others at 8 p.m. to respect impartiality. In the A (matches at 4 p.m.), three teams can still qualify for the round of 16: the Netherlands (4 points, goal difference of +2), Ecuador (idem) and Senegal (3 pts, 0). Qatar, the host country, is eliminated after two defeats.

The Dutch, after a victory against Senegal (2-0) and a draw against Ecuador (1-1), only need a draw against Qatar to reach the knockout phase. They can even afford an improbable defeat against the host country if the Ecuadorians beat Senegal. Ecuador will qualify if they win or draw. The Senegalese will undoubtedly have to win to continue the adventure.

In Group B (matches at 8 p.m.), all teams can in theory still qualify, even if the task promises to be almost impossible for the Welsh (1 pt, -2) and that it is almost acquired for England (4 pts, +4). A win or a draw against neighboring Welsh would qualify them for sure. A loss by less than four goals would also be enough.

Iran has its destiny in its hands

Iran (3 pts, -2) has its destiny in its hands thanks to his victory over Wales (2-0). If they beat the United States, Carlos Queiroz’s men will be in 8th for the first time in their history. A draw would also qualify them if the English are not beaten by the Welsh. On the other hand, defeat forbidden.

For the Americans, no complicated arithmetic: only a victory over Iran qualifies them. The Welsh must not only prevail against their English rivals, but they must also dream of a draw in the other meeting. Except to beat England on a river score, with a four-goal difference.

World Cup: the program for November 29

4 p.m.: Netherlands – Qatar (group A)
4 p.m.: Ecuador – Senegal (group A)
8 p.m.: Wales – England (group B)
8 p.m.: Iran – United States (group B)

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