The “Process” is on its way for Joshua Primo | NBA

“Right before I got to San Antonio, I had the opportunity to take a week or two, just to mentally break down what had happened, and how much has changed in the past two months, because it was really crazy. I am privileged to be in this position. I was able to immerse myself in it, and now I have arrived in San Antonio, I have settled in, now I am ready to go ”.

The youngest NBA player in contention for the 2021/22 season, Joshua Primo continues to take the stages with an astonishing relaxation. Chosen in 12th position by Spurs after showing interesting potential in the Chicago Draft Combine, the 18-year-old back quickly confirmed in the Summer League, in Utah and Las Vegas, averaging 14.3 points, 2.7 rebounds, 2.5 assists in 25 minutes over four games.

Between confidence and impatience

This Summer League was an important step in the “Process” which should lead him to become a successful player in the NBA, and Joshua Primo managed it brilliantly, suggesting an already interesting palette, especially at his age.

“Assistant Mitch Johnson really helped me over the summer. We analyzed the video after each match and we were looking at how I could continue to be efficient and correct the mistakes I made ”, he stressed. « The thing everyone preaches is trusting the process and continuing to focus on progressing, so that’s what we did. »

With the approach of the « training camp », it is a new stage which presents itself for the Canadian and which will in particular allow the whole of the collective to begin to build this cohesion, of which the beginnings were established with the players already. adventure in the Summer League, but not only.

« We all train together, we all play together, so it’s nice to meet guys like Dejounte (Murray) », he continued. “I knew Keldon (Johnson) from before, he used to come to race sessions when I was playing Huntington Prep, so there was a bit of a connection there already. We’re all trying to get to know each other right now and it’s really good. I think we have a good group of guys, a good core of young people. I feel that we are going to be able to do great things. We just have to take it slow. Focus on growth and I think everything will be fine ”.

Great ambitions

As at the start of the season, all the franchises have great ambitions. This is the case for the Spurs rookie who is aiming for a qualification in the playoffs, a mission to which San Antonio has failed for two years.

“Our collective goal is to be in the playoffs and have a good run. I’m just trying to work on my back skills, to be able to be a versatile player on the pitch in order to help the team in whatever way Coach Pop deems appropriate ”, he added. “I can’t wait to compete. I can’t wait to be on the field and to measure myself against the other players in this league that I have watched for so long (…) I am also looking forward to measuring myself against all the recruits who occupy the same position as me. Training camp is about to begin. So I think we’re all impatient, we’re all ready to go ”.

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